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Stone Magazine Article List - 1902

(The articles listed below are located in various issues of Stone Magazine. The advertisements, etc. are not included in some of the issues. Peggy B. Perazzo)

Stone Magazine, Vol. XXIV, No. 1, January, 1902.

Frontispiece: “An Example of English Stone Work” “Gosford House, Scotland, Showing Use of English Alabaster, Caen Stone, and Italian Istrian Stone”

“Prehistoric Sculptors of Stone,” pp. 13-14.

“Building Stone in Syracuse University Buildings,” pp. 14-16.

(Photo caption) Main Building - Smith College of Applied Science.” pp. 15.

(Photo caption) “Holden Observatory.” pp. 16.

(Photo caption) John Crouse College of Fine Arts.” pp. 17.

(Photo caption) “Steel Hall of Physics, Syracuse University.” pp. 18.

(Photo caption) “Hall of Languages, Syracuse University.” pp. 19.

“Ancient Use of Enameled Tiles in Architecture,” (“Extract from a paper read before the Society of Arts, London.”), pp. 17-22.

(Photo caption) “Modern Use of Oriental Motifs in Tiling - Indian Room, Hotel Cecil, London.” pp. 21.

“The Marbles of Greece,” (“Zeitschrift für das Berg-, Hütten- und Salinenwesen, translated by ‘The Quarry,’ of London.”), pp. 23-29.

(Photo caption) “Greek Cipollino Quarry, Worked by Messrs. Farmer & Brindley,” pp. 23.

(Photo caption) “Quarry Face in The Cipollino Quarry of Messrs. Farmer & Brindley,” pp. 25.

(Photo caption) “Ancient Workings In The Cipollino Quarry,” pp. 26.

Holston Marble of Eastern Tennessee,” pp. 29-30.

“The Stone Industry of The United States,” (Fourth Article.),” pp. 30-37.

“Cement-Making in Indiana,” pp. 37-38.

“America’s Importation of Scotch Granite,” pp. 38-39.

“Competition in The Stone Trade,” pp. 41-44.

“An English Sculptor’s Impression of Trinity Church, New York,” pp. 44-45.

“The Mica Industry of The United States,” (“From Mineral Resources of the United States, U. S. Geological Survey.), pp. 46-50.

“Concrete in England,” (“Extract from a paper read before the Society of Architects and Surveyors, at Sheffield, Eng.”), pp. 50-53.

“A Piece of Stone,” pp. 53-56.

“Florentine Quarries,” pp. 56-67. (Province of Florence, Italy)

“The Union and Machine Cut Stone,” (article in the “Comments on Timely Topics” section), pp. 57-58.

Maryland Granite for the Baltimore Custom House,” pp. 62.

Kingston Coronation Stone,” pp. 62. (“One of the most interesting relics preserved at Kingston, England, is the famous Coronation Stone....”)

“German Artificial Clay,” pp. 63.

“Novel Building Construction,” (“A building is now in course of erection in Birmingham, England, that presents some novel features in construction....” Building constructed above the tunnel of the Great Western Railway), pp. 63.

“A Big Blast in a Welsh Slate Quarry,” pp. 68. (the Talysarn Slate Quarry)

“Opposed to Sky Scrapers in Chicago,” pp. 68. (Illinois)

“The Blue Marbles of Pennsylvania,” pp. 72. (Quarried at King-of-Prussia, Pennsylvania by Messrs. Schweyer and Liess)

“Canada’s Increased Mineral Production,” pp. 76.

“A Legation Building for Corea,” pp. 76. (Seoul, Corea - Korea)

“Wrecking a Costly Mansion with Dynamite,” pp. 80. (“...the Egremont House, erected by the Earl of Egremont, about sixty years ago, in Silverton Park, near Exeter....”)

“Marbles and Sapphires in Indo-China,” pp. 88.

“The Granite Pillars of St. John’s Cathedral,” pp. 90. (“...Two Complete Pillars for the church of St. John the Divine, in New York, have been completed by the Bodwell Granite Company....” Maine)

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